5 Best Places to Visit in Finland at Christmas with Children!

Finland is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit and discover the awe-striking natural landscapes it has to offer.  Visiting during winter and, above that, at Christmas makes the perfect trip to take with one’s family. Finland is famous for its snow-covered terrain and is among the top places to visit at Christmas. This beautiful and serene region is home to a vast and visceral number of places you can visit to give your children the experience of an unforgettable holiday.

· Santa Claus Village

Located in the suburbs of the capital Rovaniemi, Santa Claus village is not something you want to skip whilst visiting Finland. This incredible amusement park will give you a chance to enjoy all the thrilling activities associated with snow and Christmas, such as riding snowmobiles, buying exciting souvenirs from colorful stalls, and warming up with delicious food from the cozy cafes.

 The best part that remains is meeting Santa’s elves and even the man himself in his cottage. You get to see his sleigh and his huskies which children are enthralled to witness in real life, not just in movies.

· Urho Kekkonen National Park

Take an adventurous trip through this far-reaching expanse of snow-covered grass on skis, snowmobiles, or simply on foot. This park provides an excellent location for hiking, skiing, trekking, and camping for the night under a sky full of stars. This white grassland is exclusively suitable for cross-country skiing and snowboarding for both beginners and experts. Spending a day at this park ensures a day well spent, as Christmas in Finland cannot be complete without partaking in these characteristic activities.

· Reindeer safari

One of the things you have to keep a lookout for while booking activities for Christmas in Finland is a Reindeer Safari. This will take you on a tour of a reindeer sleigh through the woods or a local farm where the farm owners will describe their lifestyle with rearing reindeer and making a living from them. This reindeer ride on a sleigh is a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you get to learn about reindeer, which are the exclusive animals of the Finnish land and its people.

· Kakslauttanen

How can a trip to this magnificent land be justified unless you visit the marvelous Igloo Village? This Arctic resort provides the best accommodation in ice and glass igloos situated under the beautiful sky aglow with the stars and the Northern lights, which you might witness if you get lucky. The igloos are surrounded by tall snow-covered trees and hills. Staying in these cozy igloos will add an amazing highlight to your Christmas vacation in Finland.

· Helsinki

If you are looking for something that truly represents and encompasses the magical charm of Finland, then stopping at the country’s capital is a great idea. You can stroll down its streets which are blanketed in snow and surrounded by warm restaurants and lights.

While other vacation points provide numerous activities, the true culture of Finland and its Christmas time is evident in its decorated streets and buildings as the people celebrate the best time of the year.


Planning a trip to Finland is a great idea to spend one’s Christmas holiday amidst an environment that is known for being the core tourist spot this time of the year.