5 Best Places to Visit in Finland at Christmas with Children!

Finland is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit and discover the awe-striking natural landscapes it has to offer.  Visiting during winter and, above that, at Christmas makes the perfect trip to take with one’s family. Finland is famous for its snow-covered terrain and is among the top places to visit at Christmas. This beautiful and serene region is home to a vast and visceral number of places you can visit to give your children the experience of an unforgettable holiday.

· Santa Claus Village

Located in the suburbs of the capital Rovaniemi, Santa Claus village is not something you want to skip whilst visiting Finland. This incredible amusement park will give you a chance to enjoy all the thrilling activities associated with snow and Christmas, such as riding snowmobiles, buying exciting souvenirs from colorful stalls, and … Read the rest